Third Grade

Third grade is a year of learning to work independently. Students realize the importance of reading and following directions in becoming responsible for independent study.

Multiplication and division are the new concepts introduced in third grade math. Parental help is very important in the memorization of times tables.

Social Studies, Science, and Health become a part of the curriculum being appraised. 

Stockwell students complement their study of taking care of the environment by a field trip to Berry Plastics to coincide with Earth Day in April. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!!
The grading scale for Third Grade is:

Our plan period (11:05am-11:45am) is a time you may come in to address any problem or concern. Just call for an appt.

90%-100%= A Social Studies, Health, Science, and Handwriting
80%-89%= B are evaluated using a scale of E (excellent), S
70%-79%= C (satisfactory), and N (needs improvement).
60%-69%= D
59% or less=F